History of Belfast

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland in the UK. It is also the largest city in Northern Ireland.

Known as the home of the RMS Titanic that sunk due to hitting an iceberg in 1912. Most of the visitors of Belfast wants to see a glimpse of the remains of the famous Titanic in the museum. However, there is a lot more to see when you are in this Northern Ireland capital. In the past, this city is known as the shipbuilding city. However, things took a turn as a result of religious conflict between the Catholics and the Protestants. The spiritual war resulted in a split in workplaces based on religious affiliations.

6 Interesting Souvenirs to Bring from Your Belfast Trip

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Top Tourist attraction in belfast

Belfast is famous for its compelling history as a shipbuilding center. Remember the movie Titanic that had us all crying? The city produced the RMS Titanic ocean liner.

Mention Belfast to an older generation, and it brings back memories of when the city boiled. However, in recent years, Belfast has become a peaceful and attractive tourist destination. The movie, The Games of Thrones, got staged in Belfast. That area has become a tourist attraction for Game of Throne lovers.

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