6 Interesting Souvenirs to Bring from Your Belfast Trip

Who doesn't like a souvenir?

Everyone wants to bring with them something that’ll be a reminder of a memorable trip.
Souvenirs give memories of places you visited in the past. People love it when there’s a memento or something to remind them of special moments.
Souvenirs are evidence of special moments and can be bought for self or as a gift for family and/or friends.
A souvenir can be anything that you prefer on your travels to bring back home.
Here’re six interesting souvenirs to bring from your Belfast trip:
• Chocolate
• Special jewelry
• Pottery
• A plasma cutter
• Books
• A titanic memorabilia


6 Souvenirs to Get as Memorabilia from Your Belfast Vacation

1. Irish Chocolate

Ireland offers the best milk chocolates.

Belfast, being in Ireland, is one of the best places to get your favorite Irish chocolates as souvenirs. The Irish make their chocolates super and tasty using creamy milk.

They carry out dairy farming due to the conducive temperate climate in the area. The country has vast expanses of green grass that support dairy farming.

Milk is in abundance, and it’s creamier.

The shops and supermarkets in Belfast sell various chocolates. You can choose the ones you prefer from Cadbury’s to Butler’s chocolates.

Chocolate bars and hot chocolates range in flavors. You can also find luxury filled chocolates. The choice depends on your personal preference.

2. The Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh ring is historical and represents the rich Irish tradition. It’s a representation of friendship, loyalty, and love. The ring is made for unisex use.

The symbols include:

Irish traditions require that you wear the ring on the right hand with the tip of the heart pointing towards you if you’re in a relationship. Otherwise, it’s an indication that you’re single and don’t mind being asked out.

If you wear the ring on the left hand with its tip pointing outwards, it shows that you’re engaged.


If the tip points towards you, it shows that you’re married.

3. Ceramics and Pottery

Ireland is known for its good artists and designers.

Her artists create magnificent and unique pottery and ceramic items. These pieces are decorative and fashionable.

Famous Irish artists’ works are available in various shops.

Louis Mulchay was the first craftsman from Ireland to receive a degree honoring his work in ceramics. He creates universal potteries that have earned him a name.

Buy these ceramics and potteries to remind yourself of special moments in Belfast.

4. A plasma Cutter

You can also buy a plasma cutter as a souvenir from your Belfast trip, especially if you’re a hands-on person or run a welding company.

A high-quality plasma cutter with roots in Belfast will sure point back to the quality time you spent in Belfast. Every time you’ll start cutting with your machine, special memories will be triggered.

Designed for efficient and portable use, plasma cutters are serious souvenirs for serious travelers.

5. Irish Books

Ireland is a place of literature.

Despite many bookstores closing around the world, Ireland still maintains its tradition of bookstores. A lot of literature books are available in these stores.

If you’re an avid reader or want a book to remind you of Belfast, opt for Irish books. Oscar Wilde and James Joyce authored some of the most popular literature books available.

You can also buy books for your kids. Yvonne Carroll, an Irish author, wrote the “Great Irish Legend” for Children. This book shares the rich history of Ireland.

You’ll also find souvenir books on traditional Irish recipes. If you enjoy Irish meals and would like to prepare some when you get back home, get your hands on an Irish cookbook or recipe book.

6. Titanic memorabilia

At one point in history, Belfast was given the name Linenopolis, owing to its magnificence in producing fine linen.

An industry in Belfast, Clatterinford linen industry, supplied the beautiful linen that was used for Titanic. Thomas Andrews, who was the Titanic’s designer, owned this company.

This company produces a range of first-class, freshly-woven linens, including:

  • Napkins
  • Tablecloths
  • Duvets

If you visit Belfast, it’s a sure thing that you’ll want to experience the feeling of associating with the magnificent Titanic. These fine linens will, for sure, give you that desired memory.


Buy quality souvenirs that’ll last for a long time period. If you’re looking forward to purchasing souvenirs during your Belfast trip, pick the right ones bound to make you happy.