Top Tourist Attractions in Belfast

Belfast is famous for its compelling history as a shipbuilding center. Remember the movie Titanic that had us all crying? The city produced the RMS Titanic ocean liner.

Mention Belfast to an older generation, and it brings back memories of when the city boiled. However, in recent years, Belfast has become a peaceful and attractive tourist destination. The movie, The Games of Thrones, got staged in Belfast. That area has become a tourist attraction for Game of Throne lovers.

1.  Titanic Belfast

The distinctive landmark building pays tribute to the heritage and history of the city. Nine exhibition centers in the massive building show tourists the development of the city. Discover how the city once earned the reputation as the most potent shipbuilding center in the world.

Precisely on that same spot, the Titanic Belfast, the famous ocean liner, RMS Titanic got built. Guides are available to get you a friendly and informative tour around the large dry-dock and slipway. Many intriguing artifacts, such as brochures, menus, and letters, are part of its attraction.

2.  Ulster Museum

The museum is one of Belfast’s most visited locations. It’s a must-see museum that sheds light on the city’s troubled past.

The national museum gives a proper account of the history of Belfast. From its modest beginnings to its peak as a shipbuilding center to its conflicts, no details are missing.

The most impressive exhibits the museum has to offer is the Egyptian Mummy (Princess Takabuti) of over 2,500 years old. Other sites include ancient relics, the Armada Room, and a rich collection of history, natural science, and art-science on all floors of the museum.

3.  Belfast Zoo

The Zoo is home to a diverse range of animals. Currently, there are over 140 different species of animals in the Zoo. It’s a fun location for a family trip out. Over 300 thousand people visit the Zoo yearly!

Some of the species of animals in the Zoo are the monkeys, ring-tailed lemurs, Barbary lions, Malayan sun bears, Asian elephants, and Sumatran tigers.

4.  Belfast Castle

It’s home to a magnificent castle you only see in the movies. The villa is an incredibly busy location with lots of activities going on all year round. Many weddings take place in the castle because of its picturesque and historical attractions.

Other attractions on the castle include the Adventure Playground, the Cave Hill Visitor Centre, and the Cave Hill Country Park. All are beautiful sites to explore.

5.  St. Anne’s Cathedral

Another wowing site in Belfast, the cathedral is the seat of the Anglican Church in Ireland. The non-Romanesque architectural style of the building is what makes it so charming. Built by architect Sir Thomas Drew in 1898, it still attracts a large number of visitors and worshippers.

There are several Christian designs inside the baptismal chapel. The carved stonework, marble tiles, exquisite mosaic ceiling, delicate woodworks, and beautiful stained-glass windows are must-sees.

6.  The Botanic Gardens

A garden is a cool place for relaxation and to view nature’s beauty. The public park houses the elegant Palm House. It contains a diverse range of tropical plants, including lush hanging baskets and birds of paradise.

The Tropical Ravine is home to many exotic delights such as orchids, bromeliad, cinnamon, and banana. Some of the world’s oldest seed plants are in the gardens. It’s also a popular venue for festivals and concerts.

Activities to Do in Belfast

1.   Hunting

Hunting in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is a thrilling outdoor experience for lovers of the hunt. In Northern Ireland, hunting with dogs is still legal. It’s a lovely travel attraction for hunting ardent. 

Enjoy a feel of the minuteman experience by using rifles for hunting for stags and other wildlife. Hunting is only allowed during the hunting seasons and legal grounds.

2.   Sightseeing

Belfast has many impressive tourist attractions that bring millions of people to the city yearly. The Titanic, Ulster Museum, Belfast Zoo, the St. Anne’s Cathedral, and Belfast Castle are great attractions.

You can easily find tourist guides and companies that offer exciting tours of the city. Visiting the filming site of the famous movie, The Game of Thrones is a fulfilling trip to undertake


More and more visitors continue to troop into Belfast annually for good reasons. The once upon a time, world-class shipbuilding city is home to several attractions, including the Titanic Quarter.