7 Excellent Grills to Visit in Belfast

Traveling is an essential aspect of life because we learn and experience things that we ordinarily wouldn’t. 

Traveling is an essential aspect of life because we learn and experience things that we ordinarily wouldn’t. One such experiences are the culinary preference and delight of the places we visit. Food is both a crucial part of the culture and a basic human necessity. Hence, restaurants are an inevitable element of the full tourist experience in visiting cities like Belfast.

Visiting Restaurants in a New City

Restaurants are some of the top tourist attractions in any major city. Therefore, it’s sensible to learn as much as you can about their food before you get there. You’ll achieve that by reading guides like this website and reviews from other tourists. People also recommend reading a food blog in the area and engaging with the locals. That’s because they’d have better ideas of foods to try.

Choice of Restaurant: Why Grilled Food?

Grilling is an essential method of meal preparation. Formerly, people used it for only cooking meats, but now, we can grill a broader range of foods. When you sear meat, there are certain flavors that it acquires that aren’t present in those cooked by other methods. That’s because of the marinating, smoking, the caramelization of the sauce, and the accompanying vegetables.

Peculiarities of Belfast Grills

Belfast is famous for its authentic steakhouses that could have either an indoor or outdoor kitchen. That’s possible with a built-in gas grill for your outdoor kitchen. They have cozy modern atmospheres but still maintain barbecue integrity by serving traditional meals. Belfast grills also have various service options and, most times, also double as pubs.

Excellent Belfast Grills

Like in other different parts of the world, there are numerous grills and steakhouses here in Belfast. However, it’s near impossible to eat at all of them in one or even a few visits. Hence, reading reviews and guides on the best ones can go a long way in providing tourists with adequate direction. Subsequently, we’ll discuss a few of the highly-rated grills in the area in no particular order.


1. Yardbird

The Yardbird is a traditional Irish pub and grill. Located on Hill Street, it has a cozy and casual environment with comfortable outdoor seating. They’re unique because though they serve regular steaks, their specialty is the rotisserie chicken. They prepare their juicy chicken in a 24-hour marinating process with the finest ingredients. The Yardbird is also known for its great cocktails.

2. The Grill

This grill, aptly named, ranks highly on the list of many Belfast visitors. It’s an Irish steakhouse located on Hill Street, not far from the City Hall. They also serve general European and British cuisine. Unlike other regular steakhouses, their menu is vegetarian friendly and contains gluten-free options for customers. Reviewers claim that the steaks are delicious, and the restaurant is good for lunch, dinner, and drinks.

3. Dirt Bird

The Dirt Bird found on Ormeau road is a restaurant that specializes in rotisserie chicken. They have masterful chefs and a perfect combination of ingredients that creates sauces and dishes bursting with flavor. The restaurant offers dine-in, takeaways, deliveries, and catering services. They have a kid-friendly menu and also accommodates groups.

4. Peanuts Smokehouse BBQ & Burritos

This steakhouse located at Great Victoria Street is kid-friendly and appropriate for groups. That’s because the atmosphere is casual, and they offer their wide range of foods at reasonable prices. People also commend their staff for friendly and efficient customer service. However, the restaurant presently provides takeaways majorly, but you can order online.

5. Blaze and Glaze

Blaze and Glaze are one of the oldest BBQ places in Ireland. With over 20 years of experience, they won the award for Best Restaurant in Northern Ireland at the hospitality awards in 2019. It’s a family-friendly steakhouse chain with a cozy ambiance and outdoor seating. They also serve seafood and pasta, but their ribs and romarita drinks are more popular.

6. Sugar Rays Smokehouse

This restaurant, located on Dundonald Road, is diner-like and has various service options, including curbside pickup. They offer lunch, dinner, and late-night dining in a casual environment. Also, Sugar Rays Smokehouse’s menu contains many American traditional grilled meals and side dishes. They also give gift vouchers to customers.

7. Tony’s Kebab House

Tony’s Kebab House is an Indian-style barbecue restaurant on Antrim road. Besides their specialty kebabs, the menu includes traditional curries, burritos, burgers, chips, and various starter meals. Their menu is also kid-friendly, and you can order online. Reviewers praise the deliciousness of their food, their hygiene, affordability, and prompt service.