8 Places to Stay in Belfast

As a major city in Northern Ireland, Belfast is a hub of activities, and thus, attracts a large number of visitors yearly. Our city’s rich history and culture make it a fantastic destination for your vacations. It doesn’t even matter whether you’re alone or with a group because there’s something for everyone.

It’s normal for tourists to have a guide showing great places to stay for a maximized experience. That’s because people look for the coolest neighborhoods or the best hotels when they go to a new location. Thus, we bring you six of some of the best lodges in the city, and we’ll discuss them subsequently.

1.  The Merchant Hotel

The Merchant Hotel is one of the best places to stay on a Belfast vacation. One of the primary reasons is the building’s historical value, as it was formerly a bank. It’s an elegant, upscale restaurant with various upper-class amenities. They include a well-stocked jazz bar, an ultramodern spa, and a rooftop gym. Besides the complimentary breakfast offered to each guest, the dining services are exquisite.

From experience and customer reviews, the Merchant is more popular with couples than other groups. However, anyone, even families, can enjoy its Victorian style and excellent ambiance. Additionally, there’s ultimate comfort because the rooms are great and have complete bath amenities. Also, the staff is both professionally friendly and attentive to the needs of guests.

2.  Grand Central Hotel

It isn’t unusual to desire things to meet your present needs. It applies even to simple items like home appliances, including water softeners. How much more a place to stay on vacation? The good news is that’s the experience the Grand Central Hotel promises. You get all you desire without breaking the bank because of how economical it is.

As a four-star hotel with a great location, the Grand Central is beautiful and has an environment that promotes relaxation. Located on Bedford Street, it’s also a restored Victorian building. One benefit it has is its proximity to public transport. That provides guests with the ease of mobility and encourages them to go sight-reading around town.

3.  Hilton

There are many hotels with this name worldwide. Though there’s no relationship established amongst them, the Hilton in Belfast stands out in various ways. Firstly, the prices are affordable enough for a standard four-star hotel, which makes it more attractive. Also, it’s an animal-friendly establishment, so you don’t have to worry about going along with a pet.

Additionally, previous guests rate the Hilton highly because of the excellent service and proximity to the central railway station. Besides the cozy design of their rooms, they have the most comfortable beds and enhanced cleaning services. That ensures you have a thoroughly relaxing stay, alongside all other amenities.

4.  Titanic Hotel

This hotel has excellent historical value beyond the name it shares with the famous ship. That’s because the place was formerly a shipbuilding office that dates back to the 1880s. Now, it’s a polished hospitality establishment still surrounded by the Titanic Quarter maritime landmarks. Thus, the location is excellent, and the environment is as beautiful as can be.

As one of the top-rated hotels in Belfast, guests speak well of their outstanding service, and it’s popular with families. They also have a restaurant that provides a unique dining experience while you enjoy the ambiance. Though it gives a historical vibe, they don’t neglect the importance of modern amenities. The rooms are comfortable, and there’s also free Wi-Fi.

5.  Loughview Chalet

Loughview is a cozy hotel-like chalet located in a prime place in Newtownabbey. That’s because it has reasonable proximity for sightseeing, recreation, and dining. It’s small but well-equipped to give you a feeling of home away from home. The good news is that it contains everything you need to make your stay a comfortable one and more.

6.  Jurys Inn

Jurys Inn is a top-notch hotel located a few miles from the Titanic Belfast. Though the environment is relaxed, it has a modern vibe that draws you in and calms you. That includes the exquisite design and spaciousness of the rooms. Also, they offer dining services with a complimentary breakfast for guests. Generally, their service is excellent with well-trained staff.

7.  The Fitzwilliam Hotel

The Fitzwilliam is s five-star hotel not far from the Belfast Waterfront. Thus, the location is relatively centralized, and it’s a significant advantage for guests. That’s because it makes going around more straightforward, especially with its proximity to the Great Victoria Street railway station. Generally, they serve good food, but people mostly love them for their beautiful breakfasts and afternoon tea.

8.  Europa Hotel

It’s a fantastic four-star hotel with a prime location near public transport. The rooms have great views and are airy enough to promote maximum comfort for guests. Also, Europa has a state-of-the-art dining establishment that serves the best meals. However, breakfasts aren’t accessible for guests. Nevertheless, their prices are cost-effective and worth the service.