History of Belfast


Most movie lovers understand the household name RMS Titanicthe big ship that hit an iceberg in 1912 and sank.

Belfast is the host city of this tragedy; every local and international visitor wants to get a glimpse of the remains of the wrecked ship in the museum. However, there is a lot to feed your eyes with when in this Northern Ireland capital.

The history of this city dates back in the 18th century as an urban centre renowned for commercial and industrial operations. In the 19th century, it was a shipbuilding city. However, things took a turn as a result of religious conflict between the Catholics and the Protestants. The spiritual war resulted in a split in workplaces based in religious affiliations. The century-long war ended with a deep division among religious backgrounds with minimal violence. Its end was the redevelopment of various sectors of the economy.

The war was an eye-opener. Currently, there are a lot of things and places to visit as a tourist in this quiet city. Have a look at some of them.

Tour in Belfast

Whether you are looking for nature or historic sites or cultural locations or educational libraries; everything is found in this city. Be it a family outing or a holiday trip or a business trip, the places and tourist attractions sites makes the whole experience memorable.

Titanic Belfast

First things first, can you visit Northern Ireland and miss seeing the famous RMS Titanic wreckage? The 88-year-old renovated ship feeds your eyes with practical experience of the impact on the iceberg on the largest passenger ship at that time.

In 2016, it won the prestigious World Travel Awards as the best tourist attraction site. It is the same spot the vessel was designed, built, and launched before it took its voyage journey. It’s a place with all manner of industries and technological advancement.


Ulster museum

It’s called a house of treasure from the past and present events. The place hosts a history of social and political science as a place for all souvenirs. The galleries sections give you a glimpse of modern and traditional history, including the culture of the Britannica.

 Others call it a home of dinosaurs; the museum hosts several skeletons of these extinct animals common in the history. The best place for a family outing, thanks to the discovery zone within the museum.

HMS Caroline

Take a walk at the floating museum. HMS Caroline is a cruise ship survivor during the world war one. The battle Jutland as it’s commonly known has a rich history of personal testimonies of the experiences during this wartime. It’s a complete picnic site with a café and all other essential services for international visitors.

Within the ship, there is a kid’s park full of all fun activities for the children. Moreover, individuals with a passion for navy have a lot to learn or ignite their thoughts in the industry. Exhibitions and drama displays give artists ideas and concepts to emulate in the course of their artwork.

Linen Hall Library

Education tourists have an unlimited choice of what to see and learn at this oldest library in the city. Its unique collection of vintage books of all forms depicts the inroads of technology in the education industry.

 Over 250,000 different books have their way here; complete with a performing art Archive within the premises.

A book in the 14th century still has its presence in this library. All the genealogy and Irish collections are found in this centuries-old library. What else are you looking for, for an educational tour?

Bell fast city hall

 Bell Fast City Hall is a historic monument with a story to tell about the innovations and construction industry renowned for this city. The free tour guides that last about an hour gives your eyes a reason to explore what the city has to offer.

 Several memorial parks and gardens with beautiful colours depict the touch or architectural design in the building. Moreover, coffee shops and eateries all give you a glimpse of Irish Cultural foods. Something spectacular about the place is the vibrant lighting system to go through the nightlife. This is just a glimpse of what you can see and view in this beautiful city. In fact, if you have a time limit, you may not explore even one percent of what the city has to offer its local and international tourists.